Southern Comfort: Delightful Family Road Trips In The South

Taking your family on a road trip gives you the opportunity to explore all different parts of the country in a different way, and it can be a lot more affordable than flying, especially if you have children and have a vehicle that gets good fuel efficiency. Although you might be torn when it comes to choosing a place to head off to on your road trip, Georgia’s homeowners insurance, heading to the South is a great way to enjoy a fun and family-friendly vacation. For instance, you can check out the Southern beaches on the East Coast, such as in North Carolina and South Carolina. Then, you can stop to check out various historical sites; not only can this be a lot of fun, but it’s also a good way to teach your little ones, and seeing most of these sites is either free or very affordable. Heading to Florida is another good option for a family road trip. When you head to Florida, you can enjoy lots of gorgeous beaches, and you can also hit up all of the attractions and amusement parks for a finishing aspect of your family road trip. With all of these things to see and do, planning the perfect road trip to the South should be a breeze.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Road Trip

Family-Friendly Road Trips: The Best Zoos In America

A zoo is arguably the most family friendly attraction in any major city across the United States. Of course, the largest cities in the U.S.A. boast some of the best zoos not only in North America but in the world. As the first zoo in the United States, the historic Philadelphia Zoo invites visitors to explore more than 1,500 animals sheltered on 42 acres. Pennsylvania’s largest zoo also offers fun attractions such as a carousel, boat rides, pony and camel rides and the hot air balloon tour.Check out this link (more…)

Cowboy Country: Great Family Road Trips In Texas

Taking a family road trip in Texas can lead to some awesome excursions that both parents and children will enjoy. Listed below are some of the best road trip destinations in Texas.

Austin boasts a great deal of exciting attractions, but families will not want to miss the Barton Springs Pool. This spring-fed pool is a beautiful place to cool down on a broiling Texas day.

Corpus Christi’s USS Lexington Museum on the Bay can keep the family entertained all day long. Step aboard this World War II aircraft carrier to enjoy a flight simulator, the 3D MEGA theater, (more…)

Four Fabulous Family Road Trips For Kids Under Ten

Although road trips can be difficult to plan, they are a great way to bond as a family. Parents looking for adventures to have with their young children may want to explore the kid-friendly destinations below.

California-based families love heading to Eureka to visit the Sequoia Park Zoo, where animal exhibits are almost a part of the surrounding redwoods. Road trippers who get hungry can visit the Samoa Cookhouse, where food is served family-style.

Families in Texas often road trip to the Dallas Heritage Village. Young children will enjoy a history lesson as they explore Victorian (more…)

Planning A Family Road Trip To Grand Teton National Park

Taking a family road trip to Grand Teton National Park can be an exciting and memorable experience for everybody in the family. Of course, taking the time to plan the trip to your best ability ahead of time is important if you want to ensure that everybody has the best possible experience. After all, long family road trips can be fun, but being in the car in an enclosed space for many hours can lead to drama and trouble.

By planning well enough ahead of time by packing (more…)

Ultimate Family Road Trips The Kids Will Love

Road trips are an exciting way for a family to spend a day, but careful planning is required to keep young children entertained. Some of the best road trips in the United States are described below.

The drive on Route 1 between Portland, Maine and Acadia National Park is full of interesting stops that include shopping, beaches, and hiking. Kids will be particularly pleased with Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor.

Driving from Washington, D.C. to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina provides families with plenty of entertaining places to stop on their journey. Children will love visiting Busch Gardens and searching for shells at Coquina Beach.

The route from Miami to Key West, Florida is certain to please any child. Everglades National Park provides children with the chance to see gators and other wildlife, while Key West’s Mallory Square provides magicians, jugglers, and spectacular sunsets.

Take California’s Coastal Highway 1 from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz to experience one of the best road trips in America. Kids will love stopping at Ostrich Land and Hearst Castle, while parents will enjoy the views along the Big Sur coastline. Finally, Car Insurance Deals, the whole family can take surfing lessons at Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz.